Emergencies & Urgent Help

Green Pool

Green pools are very rarely caused by poor water balance. It is caused more often than not by faulty or underperforming filtration equipment. For instance, if your sand filter needs the sand replaced it doesn’t matter how long you run the pump or how many chemicals you add it is not going to make any difference. Same as if your chlorinator is only producing 10% of the chlorine it should be it is going to be a struggle. If your filtration equipment is operating at its optimum you will have very few problems. Properly operating equipment and correct water balance = a stunning looking pool that is also pleasant to swim in.


Muddy Pools

We can recover any pool condition. You will be surprised by how quickly we can clear a green or muddy pool and without losing much water. There are very few pools over the last 16 years that we have had to empty, clean and refill. Our chemicals are the highest quality and together with our vast experience you will be amazed by how quick the transformation is.


Other Urgent Services

  • Stain Removals
  • Black Spot Algae Treatment