Pool Lighting

Flick the switch and turn your summer fun into a winter spectacular with a quick, easy pool lighting installation.

Retro fitting LED lighting to your pool is a great way to showcase your entertainment area. Even though in winter it is not getting used it can be a stunning focal point of your outdoor living area.

Replacing your pool lights is not as daunting as it sounds. There is no need to empty the pool for installation and it is usually only a 30 minute job for our experienced installers. Whether you have niche or surface mounted lights we have the application for you. There are very few brands of light that we cannot replace.

We use the industry leading Spa Electric lights who have been designing and manufacturing lights in Australia since 1976.

You can choose from Blue, White or Colour changing lights and because they only use 12 watts of power they are extremely energy efficient.

Spa Electrics use a patented no leak system which has the cable mounted to a junction box on the outside of the light so it eliminates the most common cause of lights leaking which is the cable.

WNRX Series

EMRX Series

GKRX Series

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