Maintenance Programs And Specialist Services Overview

Area Coverage
  • Noosa to Caloundra and the Hinterland $60.50 GST inc - chemicals extra
  • All other areas - pricing by arrangement
First Service
A previously un-serviced pool may have unbalanced water, therefore requiring a higher concentration of chemicals to rebalance it. If so, your chemical bill will certainly cost more but it is usually a one-off. Grossly neglected or green pools may require more than one visit to get the water healthy enough for safe swimming.

Once your pool water is correctly balanced and stays that way, chemical costs should be minimal.

At this time we will also check all pool equipment. Any recommended repairs or replacements will be detailed in a written quote for your consideration.
Standard Service (inclusive):
1. Clean the pool
We will net debris, vacuum and brush the pool, clean the basket (s), all filters and in salt water pools, the salt cell.
NOTE: Vacuuming the pool is part of our basic maintenance program therefore we do not consider this an extra charge.
2. Water Balance
Clear pool water does not mean it is adequately sanitised for swimmer health. We perform accurate on-site testing for:
  • CHLORINE: adequate sanitisation
  • CALCIUM: deficiencies may damage pool surface and equipment
  • PH: correct acid/alkalinity balance ensures optimum swimmer comfort
    • Too acidic causes itchy eyes and skin
    • Too alkaline causes scale on the pool surface and can cause inability of chlorine to destroy bacteria

  • TOTAL ALKALINITY: correct levels resist abrupt changes in PH levels
  • CONDITIONER: correct levels stop the sun absorbing chlorine from the water
  • IRON and COPPER: if either of the elements are present in high quantities, staining can occur
  • SALT: (salt pools only) low salt causes insufficient chlorine production and can also cause damage to the salt cell
  • PHOSPHATES: high levels of phosphates feed and promote the development of algae
3. Check Filtration Equipment
All equipment will be checked to ensure it is in good working order and that all seals are lubricated and water tight to prevent leaks.
4. Communication
We will report back to you any problems we may discover and advise you of your options. We will never proceed without discussing this with you and where necessary, providing you with a written quote.
Standard Service (exclusive):
Please note that the chemicals and salt used to balance the pool water incur an additional charge. For a pool that is regularly serviced and maintained in good order, our aim is to keep this charge to a minimum. However, the final chemical cost will fluctuate as keeping the water properly balanced will always be dependent on weather conditions.


New Pool Owner Training
We will walk you through everything you need to know in order to properly maintain your pool and equipment and keep it in good order, including:

  • Water testing
  • Chemical balancing
  • Vacuuming
  • Skimmer and pump baskets
  • Automatic cleaners
  • Backwashing
Salt Chlorination Conversions
If you are tired of the hassle and cost of running a chlorine pool why not let us give you a quote to convert it to salt water chlorination.

Salt water pools generate their own chlorine, eliminating the need for you to store and handle chlorine. They also afford greater swimmer comfort reducing eye irritation and are kinder to the skin.
Stain Removals, including Copper
Most people will advise emptying and acid washing a pool with copper stains which is a very costly exercise. Most of the time we are able to provide a much more cost efficient solution so please contact us for more information.
Black Spot Algae Treatment
This type of algae can be very hard to get rid of as it can develop a resistance to chemical treatment. We can remove black spot and provide advice on regular brushing and chemical balance to prevent recurrence. If left untreated, it will continue to spread making your pool uninviting and unhealthy.