About Us

Who we are

Established in 2004, Aqua Assist Pool Services is a mobile pool maintenance business servicing all areas of the Sunshine Coast. We are able to guarantee continuity in service standards and workmanship as since inception, full management and ownership has not changed hands and remains with its founder, John Campbell.

We firmly believe that proper pool maintenance should not be costing you lots of money and your pool should not be a cash consuming liability. Correctly balanced water combined with proper equipment maintenance ensures a clear, sparkling, swimmer friendly pool for you and your family to enjoy all year round!

What we do

We provide a wide variety of services ranging from customised pool maintenance programs and training, through to servicing and repairing existing equipment and the provision and installation of new equipment. We also provide specialist services for complex issues such as black spot algae and stain removals - including copper.

Mission Statement

Aqua Assist Pool Services is committed to providing their customers with prompt and courteous service and delivering high quality professional services at all times.

We recognise that open and on-going communications with our customers both individual and corporate, suppliers and all others we may deal with in the course of business, are key and vital to excellent relationships which will benefit all.

  • Energy efficient pumps are significantly quieter than conventional pumps!
  • Devices such as rainwater diverters and pool covers can dramatically reduce water usage!
  • Ensure the pool water level is always at least half way up the skimmer box to prevent the pump sucking air!
  • If the pump is making a loud noise turn it OFF and don't turn it back on until you have sought advice!
  • Regularly check the skimmer and/or pump basket to prevent the pump straining for water!
  • The expense of clearing a green pool far outweighs the cost of regular servicing!
  • Robotic cleaners feature systematic, intelligent scanning and mapping of the pool which ensures optimum coverage and a superior level of cleaning!
  • Dirty or faulty filtration equipment can cause green pools!
  • Calcium build up can reduce chlorine production and damage equipment!
  • If you usually service your own pool, we can look after it for you while you are away on holidays!
  • Unbalanced water can damage your pool surfaces and equipment!
  • Always quote your invoice number when making on-line payments so we know it is you!
  • Call us for a free demo of the Dolphin Robotic Cleaner!