Magnesium Pool Conversion

Magnesium is an essential mineral that plays an important role in over 300 biochemical functions in the body. However, it is also one of the most common mineral deficiencies found in adults, and many healthcare professionals recommend taking supplements. Magnesium chloride is the compound found in most magnesium supplements.

You may also be familiar with Epsom Salts as a magnesium rich bath and the benefits of a magnesium soak has been known and utilised since ancient times.


Swimming in a mineral magnesium pool will give you an entirely new experience over a chlorine or saltwater pool.

The smell is different. It doesn’t smell as strong as a chlorine filled pool. After a swim in a magnesium pool, you will not have the feeling of taking a long shower to clear yourself of sticky salt or the smell of chlorine. Quite the reverse, magnesium gently moisturises and soothes the skin. Health benefits include:

  • eases sore muscles
  • soothes the skin and leaves skin moisturised
  • leaves your hair moisturised
  • little to no irritation for your eyes
  • detoxes skin and body
  • increases quality of sleep
  • relieves stress
  • restores your body
  • reduces pore size ultimately leaving skin looking smoother
  • gentle on sensitive skin


A number of studies have been carried out around magnesium intake and its benefits. These studies have found that transdermal magnesium absorption (intake through the skin) is a highly effective way to increase magnesium levels.

A convenient alternative to tablets and capsules, transdermal magnesium has several benefits:

  • Is easy to absorb
  • It bypasses the digestive system
  • Is universally acceptable and suitable for those with malabsorption issues
  • Avoids laxative effect of high oral supplementation doses


The process for converting a conventional pool to a Magnesium pool is relatively easy. Depending on the current equipment and the variation of the chlorinator and cartridges the new system can be plumbed and installed in around 2 to 3 hours.  Once our experienced staff have added the correct amount of minerals and the system has run continuously for 24 hours you will be able to swim in your new, soothing Magnesium pool.

The cost for converting your salt or chlorine pool to magnesium depends on the size of your pool and your existing pool filter system. The minimum cost is approximately $1200 but we suggest you ring and discuss your pool’s specific dimensions, equipment and usage to obtain a more accurate quote. Magnesium pools can be slightly more expensive to run than a conventional pool. However, besides the health benefits they are as easy to maintain, emit the same amount of sound and the equipment lasts the same as a salt or chlorine system.  Aqua Assist offer a 3 year warranty on all their Magnesium Pool Conversion systems.

We recommend booking a visit from one of our experienced team who will be happy to complete a obligation free water and equipment analysis before quoting on your new Magnesium Pool System.