Equipment and Repairs

Keeping your pool's filtration and cleaning system properly maintained is important to your pool's health and to avoid costly repairs in the future.
Aqua Assist provides equipment maintenance services and we are able to repair most pool equipment including:

  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Chlorinators
  • Heating
  • Automatic cleaners

We will always provide you with a free quote for any work that is needed before undertaking any repairs.
If any equipment is uneconomical to repair, we can supply new equipment from reliable manufacturers such as:
  • AstralPool
AstralPool is one of Australia's largest pool equipment manufacturers supplying an extensive range of quality swimming pool and spa equipment including:

  • Pumps, including energy savers
  • Cartridges
  • Automatic Cleaners
  • Filtration Equipment
  • Heating Devices
They also manufacture the Environ range of products which are environmentally friendly and specifically designed to significantly reduce operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Autochlor
Designed and manufactured in Queensland, Autochlor Chlorinators virtually eliminate the need for chemicals and is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional water treatment. Powered by Switch Mode Power supply Autochlor delivers 60% savings on electrical power consumption and automatically adjusts to water of any salinity. Autochlor chlorinators are robust, reliable and come with a three-year warranty.
  • Eco Solar
Eco Solar is an Australian-owned company that design and manufacture solar pool heating systems in Australia for Australian conditions. Solar heating is an economical and environmentally responsible method of heating your pool or spa. Water is simply pumped from your pool through an array of solar collectors, usually mounted on the roof, where it absorbs heat from the sun as it passes through the collectors, before returning to the pool a few degrees warmer. This continuous circulation through the day raises the overall temperature of the pool. As Eco Solar can be retro-fitted, it works equally well on older as well as new pools.
  • K-Chlor
K-Chlor is an Australian owned company and manufactures high-performance salt chlorination systems that will produce crystal clear pools and is a safe, clean and easy alternative to introducing chemicals to the water. K-Chlor units are very economical to run costing between one and three cents per hour depending on the model. State of the art rectangular cell design provides optimum water flow over the solid plate titanium electrode increasing chlorine production and efficiency while reducing cell maintenance.
  • Maytronics
Maytronics is a leading manufacturer and distributor of pool cleaners - primarily under the Dolphin Pool Cleaner brand. Dolphin is regarded as the premier robotic pool cleaner for many reasons including superior quality, service, functionality and innovation. Dolphins are truly automatic pool cleaners as they scan and map each pool to provide a superior level of pool cleaning and making life easier for every pool owner. Maytronics manufactures a complete range of Dolphin pool cleaners suitable for domestic pools to twelve metres and commercial and resort pools to sixty metres.
  • Spa Electrics
Spa Electrics is an Australian owned company and is a leading manufacturer and distributor of underwater pool and spa lighting and accessories. They have developed many pioneering features including unique electrical connections that eliminate water entry; detachable plugs that allow ease of installation and servicing; a slotted rim that allows water to cool the light and a unique retro-fit system.
  • Zodiac
Zodiac is one of Australia's leading suppliers of innovative user-friendly pool equipment covering both premium and budget ranges. Their suction cleaners are designed to be an easy to use DIY product that is attached to the skimmer box and powered by the suction of the pump. It simply moves across the pool floor in random patterns vacuuming up debris and depositing it in the skimmer basket.