We service private, rental and body corporate pools and spas

We customise service maintenance programs to suit individual customer requirements and budgets, i.e. weekly / fortnightly / monthly, or one-off service calls

We conduct training sessions for new pool owners and or tenants

We service and repair existing equipment or provide and install new equipment and parts including:

  • Pumps
  • Filters, including sand changes
  • Chlorinators
  • Automatic Pool Cleaners
  • Energy Saving Devices
  • Pool Covers and Rollers
  • Solar and Electric Heating
  • Pool and Spa Lights
  • Spare parts such as hoses, valves, O-rings etc. and
  • Accessories such as nets, brushes, CPR charts, baskets


  • Black Spot Algae Treatment
  • Stain Removals, including Copper
  • Salt chlorination conversions
  • Insurance repairs and reports including pump motor burnouts, post storm mud slides and clean ups
  • Energy efficient pumps are significantly quieter than conventional pumps!
  • Devices such as rainwater diverters and pool covers can dramatically reduce water usage!
  • Ensure the pool water level is always at least half way up the skimmer box to prevent the pump sucking air!
  • If the pump is making a loud noise turn it OFF and don't turn it back on until you have sought advice!
  • Regularly check the skimmer and/or pump basket to prevent the pump straining for water!
  • The expense of clearing a green pool far outweighs the cost of regular servicing!
  • Robotic cleaners feature systematic, intelligent scanning and mapping of the pool which ensures optimum coverage and a superior level of cleaning!
  • Dirty or faulty filtration equipment can cause green pools!
  • Calcium build up can reduce chlorine production and damage equipment!
  • If you usually service your own pool, we can look after it for you while you are away on holidays!
  • Unbalanced water can damage your pool surfaces and equipment!
  • Always quote your invoice number when making on-line payments so we know it is you!
  • Call us for a free demo of the Dolphin Robotic Cleaner!